Himmarshee Bar & Grille's Main Man, Chef Chris Miracolo, Moves On

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Dave Nicholas, owner of Himmarshee Bar & Grille, confirmed that its chef, Chris Miracolo, left the restaurant. Miracolo helped open the eatery just under 14 years ago and returned in 2009.

"He's worked hard. He's tired," explained Nicholas. "He wanted to go away and travel for the summer," says the owner regarding Miracolo's future plans.  He emphasized the split was amicable and that the restaurant remains dedicated to food and service.

So, what's in store for Himmarshee?

Taking over as chef is Alberto Cabrera, a South Florida Rising Star Chef recipient. With Cabrera's leadership in the kitchen, Nicholas plans to give the restaurant a "face lift." Diners can expect some changes in the menu (with a focus on the farm-to-table approach featuring foods from local purveyors) and updates to the interior décor. Don't let the changes cause a panic attack just yet. Long-time staples such as the Butternut Squash Purses will remain on the menu, one of the managers assured me. He elaborated that the popular appetizer was put back on the menu after a two-week hiatus caused an onslaught of customer complaints. Good to know they're listening.

Clean Plate Charlie wishes Chef Miracolo and the restaurant he leaves behind much luck. Read more about Chef Miracolo in part I, part II, and part III from a previous interview.

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ted inserra
ted inserra

interesting....i have worked with, and for these two talented Chef's, but if we are going to get "ticky tacky" on who did what===you both owe alot to Chef Peter Boulikas and Tim Patrillo==the origanal owners of H.B.&G. who i worked with for many years,.....i will always remember the meeting when i was at Marks Las Olas, best restaurant ever in ft. laud., when Chef Peter and Timm announced they were leaving Mark's to open Himmershee..

Youssef Hammi
Youssef Hammi

the main chef at himmarshee bar and grille was Chef Youssef Hammi for 12 years, Chris came on in 2009 after he left. I think if you are going to give anyone a credit for the success of that restaurant it should him. the butternut squash purses are Chef Hammi's creation and so are other items on the menu. And yes, it is me Youssef Hammi writing this.

ted inserra
ted inserra

Chris is a very talented Chef, and an extreamly hard worker, very hands on....he will be missed on 2nd street, i am sure we have not heard the last from Chef Chris....

Jamie Long
Jamie Long

Chef Hammi,The butternut squash purses are wonderful, thanks for bringing them into the world! Let us know where you are now and if you are pursuing any projects. In the first paragraph, I added that Chef Miracolo came back to Himmarshee in 2009, so hopefully that is more clear.

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