Guess Where We're Eating!?

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Dori Zinn
While South Florida offers half a dozen different variations of fast-casual Mexican cuisine, how many of them have this?

This hot sauce bar hails from a small chain originally from Orlando, but now has more than 10 locations this side of the state. Most recently, Hollywood and Palm Beach Gardens welcomed new spots.

The bar itself can offer a minimum of 15 hot sauces at once, but the company sells nearly 200 different flavors online. They have entire line dedicated to variations of Smack My Ass & Call Me Sally.

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15 hot sauces do not impress me. Give me 10 great homemade salsas and that will get my attention.

Dori Zinn
Dori Zinn

Haha! Some have never been! South Florida is full of Moe's and Chipotle lovers, too. :)


I prefer Moe's. Awesome queso. But Zona Fresca wins all. :)

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