Colt 45 and Snoop Dogg Team Up for New Blast Beverage

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Snoop Dogg shilling for Colt 45
When Colt 45 and Snoop Dogg get together you know it's class all the way. Colt 45 is entering the alcoholic-beverage-disguised-as-a-soda market with its new Blast beverages. According to The Wall Street Journal, Blast will have a 12% alcohol content (twice that of original Colt 45) and  be available in four flavors - strawberry lemonade, grape, blueberry pomegranate and raspberry watermelon.

Since Colt 45 is best known for being the beverage most likely to be consumed on a street corner disguised in a brown paper bag, the advertising campaign should come as no surprise. In the ad, Snoop Dogg is dressed like a pimp, complete with white fur coat of dubious origin, cane and custom car. Snoop is surrounded by girls and smokes a blunt.

See the "making of the ad campaign" video after the jump.

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Another blatant attempt to pitch very strong alcoholic beverage to tweens and teens.


Good going on the the video. everything looks great!


Looks like a police mug shot to me

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