Carlos'n Charlie's Coming to CityPlace

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A chain of loud, casual, moderately priced Mexican restaurants--not exactly a rarity in South Florida--is planning to open its second U.S. eatery in CityPlace. 

Carlos'n Charlie's, part of the Mexico-based Grupo Anderson chain (which includes, among other eateries, Senor Frog's), is expected to debut next month in the old Mark's (as in Militello) space between Taverna Opa and City Cellar. 

There will be outdoor seating and space for private parties, as well as an extensive bar menu of margartas, sangria and the like, plus a roster of signature cocktails, like the Paloma (tequila in a salt-rimmed glass with grapefruit soda). 

The menu is as familiar as burgers 'n' fries to anyone who's ever eaten a taco. There are, of course, tacos and enchiladas and fajitas and guacamole and all the usual Mexican culinary suspects, plus breakfast burritos and chilaquiles. And if you just can't make it through the day without a burger, they'll have that too.

Local wage slaves might find CnC's lunchtime specials a good way to stretch a dollar, with eight to 10 of them bringing an entrée, small salad, soup and slice of flan, though the boss will probably frown on chasing the meal with a couple of margaritas.

(An interesting side note: According to Wikipedia, Carlos'n Charlie's used to have a restaurant in Aruba, the one Natalee Holloway was last seen leaving before her disappearance. It was later closed and a Senor Frog's opened next door.)

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