Vegetarian Super Bowl Foods? Gardein Contest Ends at Midnight Wednesday

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Overshadowed only by Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday marks a banner day in meat consumption for Americans. So much so that the National Chicken Council estimates that 90 million pounds of chicken wings will be consumed during game weekend. While many Americans have trimmed down their red-meat consumption, chickens often get the shaft in this arrangement, with more people simply switching to poultry in its place.

Resist becoming just another game-day statistic and answer the call for tasty grub sans cruelty as Gardein launches its football "Game Day Contest." The plant-based chicken substitute that has garnered praises from carnivores and vegans alike for its meaty texture and overall taste is part of a contest in which fans create and submit a 60-second-or-less "Big Game"-worthy video commercial featuring any Gardein product.

Read contest details and game-day recipes after the jump.

Details are as follows:

All video entries that meet the contest qualifications will have a chance to win the grand prize: an 8GB Mino HDTM Flip video camera and case and $50 in Gardein product coupons. A panel of judges will review each qualified Gardein commercial submission and rank it based on three criteria: 1) creative appeal, 2) relevancy to the Gardein product featured, and 3) overall appeal of the Gardein commercial. The Gardein commercial with the highest score will be deemed the winner. "Game Day Contest" winners will be announced on Friday, February 4, and winning videos will be featured on and shared on YouTube and Facebook. The contest officially opened on January 17 and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. Wednesday. One grand prize will be awarded along with one runner-up and two honorable mentions. For "Game Day Contest" rules and how to enter, visit

Gardein is also pleased to share several new meat-free recipes, downloadable at vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians.

BBQ Pulled Shred Sliders

Spicy Chipotle Chick'n Kebabs

Chopped Steakless 

Sticky Sesame Chick'n Wings

BBQ Chick'n Pizza 

Mini No-meat Balls

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