Valentine's Day Candy at To the Moon Marketplace

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Clean Plate Charlie caught up with To the Moon Marketplace owner Antonio Dumas, who gave us a sneak peek at some of the sweet treats the shop is offering for Valentine's Day. We stood by while he broke open boxes that came back with him from a national candy convention. We were like a kid at Christmas, watching him unpack one delicious goody after another.

Here are some of our favorites:

Thumbnail image for 5lb gummi.jpg
Click to enlarge for full gummy bear glory.

5lb World's Largest Gummi Bear. This cherry-flavored bit of gummy goodness is supposed to take the average candy consumer several weeks to eat. Apparently they don't know Charlie, who has never met a gummy he doesn't like.


Milk Chocolate Pecan Myrtles. Antonio described these gooey chocolate-caramel clusters as "way better than your standard Turtles."

love lollies.jpg

Conversation Heart Lollipops. Sucker your sweetheart into thinking you're a hopeless romantic by giving her one of these colorful lollipops.

v day peeps.jpg
Chocolate Mousse Teddy Bear Peeps. Get a head start on your Easter candy consumption by snagging some of these Valentine-themed Peeps. According to Antonio, the teddy bears don't get distributed to the big-box store, so you'll have to hit To The Moon to take home these babies.

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