Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi Gets Harrassed by Muppets

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Padma likes her ribs
Top Chef hostess and hottie, Padma Lakshmi, has shared the Top Chef kitchen with many guest judges including Anthony Bourdain, Ted Allen, Rocco DiSpirito and Michelle Bernstein. Occasionally, the guest judge will be a celebrity or something annoying, like a group of school children. This past week, however, Muppets Elmo, Cookie Monster and Telly were the guest judges in a cookie-making quickfire competition.

Though the finished and edited show looked like everyone was having fun (wasn't Elmo cute), Bravo recently leaked outtakes which show the Muppets acting in a manner that could only be described as, well...childlike. Video after the jump.

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Excellent recap! I wonder what Padma is looking at as she nibbles on those ribs?

Palm Beach kitchen ideas
Palm Beach kitchen ideas

Hahahhaaha. Padma Lakshmi is gorgeous! This video is TV gold. I liked Cookie Monster best!

Govt' Mule
Govt' Mule

Lovely cupholders she has there.

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