South Beach Wine & Food Festival's Closing Party: Guy Fieri Makes Pizza, Booze for Everyone

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fieri booze.jpg
All photos by Laine Doss
Guy pouring in the booze.
There are a lot of celebrity hosts at the various South Beach Food and Wine Festival events. By what we can tell, hosting duties at these events pretty much mean showing up and schmoozing with friends and fans. Some hosts are seen more than others. Duff Goldmann, for example, was at his post at The Best Thing I Ever Ate for most of the party, serving corn chowder and taking photos with adoring fans (tough job). Other celeb hosts who we won't name (Rachael Ray at Burger Bash, Martha Stewart at Let Them Eat Cake) just did a cursory walk-through of the event and made an announcement at some point in the evening. Apparently no one gave Guy Fieri the memo that he really didn't have to work that hard as a host, because Fieri actually fed the thousand or so partygoers... literally!
fieri machine.jpg
The Guy Fieri booze maker.
Fieri took the stage early in the evening and proceeded to pour copious amounts of juice, strawberries, and what looked like several cases of tequila into a giant vat that looked like the alcoholic loser cousin of R2-D2. The concoction, a Fieri original named the Miami Slur-icane, consisted of Mexcal white and gold tequila, frozen strawberries, lime juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, mango juice, grenadine, and ice. After blending was done, Guy's staff went around and gave the entire audience a generous pour of the fruity yet potent libation.

Guy making the pizza. Over... and over... and over... and over... again.

​Sensing that the masses were hungry despite STK, Sushi Samba, food truck Cheezeme, Misha's cupcakes, NoLa restaurant Cafe Adelaide, and Sonny's Famous Steak Hogies serving vittles, Fieri then proceeded to take over Mugnaini Italian Pizza Ovens' operation and make pizzas for the crowd. Now we're not saying he made one photo-op pizza; we're saying he made dozens of pizzas. Flipping the dough, ladling the sauce, sprinkling the cheese. This is one celeb who really worked off his comped hotel room tab.

fieri pizza fiu.jpg
Fieri posing with FIU students on the pizza assembly line.
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