Marlins Spring Training? Bring on the Hot Dogs!

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On Sunday, February 27, up there at the Roger Dean stadium in Jupiter, spring training begins for the Florida Marlins. That's great news for people who want to see them go up against... the University of Miami Hurricanes. 

It's also nice for people who want to believe the two teams'll tangle on a gas giant in a dome named for the guy who designed album covers for Yes.

Plus, it's sure to thrill hot-dog fans.
Back in the day, New Times gave a Best Of award to the concession-stand dogs sold at the stadium.

The righteous little items are supplied by National Deli and come in all sorts of configurations. Sounds like the best choice is the hot-off-the-grill Dean Dog, one-third pound of pure puppy-lovin' goodness.

That's a good reason to blast off for Jupiter, even without the '70s poster art.

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That award was 6 years ago man! For the record, that pic is not Roger Dean Stadium. Go Braves!

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