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Robert Farriss
When was the last time an omelet or frittata or a simple hard-boiled egg was something special? 

Easier question: When was the first time? 

If your omelet, frittata, HBE, whatever are nothing special, it's probably because your eggs are nothing special. Lucky for you, the cure is as close as the West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens Greenmarkets, where every weekend, Robert and Paula Farriss sell eggs as fresh as a morning sunrise from their own flock of about five dozen chickens that scratch around for food on their Palm Beach Gardens farm. 

These eggs really are something special, with rich-tasting, deep-golden yolks that make any dish more flavorful. Consider the difference in taste between an organic, free-range, air-chilled chicken and a mass-produced, hormone-addled, half-frozen bird; it's the same thing with eggs from caged, abused, factory farm birds. 

At $5 a dozen, Farriss Farm eggs are about twice the price of those at your local giantmegasupermarket, which is pretty damned cheap for good, wholesome, locally produced food that happens to taste terrific. Robert and Paula are at the West Palm Greenmarket on Saturdays and the PBG Greenmaket on Sundays. Or go to their website and make an appointment to pick up your eggs at the farm. 

Your taste buds will thank you.

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YUM! I will have to check them out. I'm always out at the local farmers' markets, looking for something great. I LOVE farm fresh food, and appreciate when others do, too. If you want to see a GREAT example of a farm-fresh restaurant with amazing design and are ever in CA (specifically LA area), check out designer Anton Posniak's restaurant Nine Thirty( It is a breath-taking example of how the design is becoming just as important as the food, without the food suffering.

T.A. Wyner
T.A. Wyner

If you want fresh eggs and other locally produced foods.........tell your legislators. Ferris Farm is one of a few farms at the Palm Beach Gardens Green Market that have fresh eggs each Sunday...but they cannot meet the demand of our well informed patrons and we are out of eggs by mid-morning.Technically fresh eggs from such small scale growers are sold as "Pet Food/Not for Human Consumption" ..............otherwise eggs must first be bathed in a bleach-water a state licensed facility.While the state imposed regs are necessary for mega producers of eggs, sold in retail stores, those regs are unreasonable for small scale family farms or 4H kids, whose chickens are 'truly" free range and NOT "pumped" up with hormones or antibiotics.Hopefully the State of Florida will recognize the distinction between small scale family farmers/producers............and factory farms/mega producers. It's not only eggs in the current FOOD Revolution...........informed consumers want to know the origin of all their food, how it was produced, transported and handled........ dairy, meats, eggs, sprouts and other foods. Stay tuned. Our food source is getting closer thanks to the demand of patrons who also want to know the name and face of the farmer/producers of their food. The Green Market is where that relationship is still possible.

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