Where to Buy Girl Scout Cookies (Online Cookie Locator and iPhone App!)

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It happens every year. You hear everyone talking about them -- the delicious Tagalongs, the sinfully good Thin Mint cookies (which taste better in a milkshake, BTW), the little girls manipulating you into buying four boxes. But poor you -- your office is one of those desolate hells that doesn't have a Troop Mother hawking Girl Scout cookies out of her cubicle, and your neighbors are all Melrose Place-type twentysomethings, not darling 8-year-olds. 

So every January, you spend your weekends driving from Publix to Publix, in search of pint-sized munchkins in their green sashes, but they prove as elusive as little forest fairies. You are being outwitted by sugar and spice and everything nice. The Girl Scouts, and their cookies, elude you. 

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a website that let you plug in your Zip code and find a cookie booth nearest you? Or better yet, a Cookie Locator app for your iPhone or smartphone? 

And here it is: http://cookielocator.littlebrownie.com/

And if you can't make it over to pick up a box, contact your local girl scout council through this portal, and they will help you place an order.

And, if you are on the go and want to know where to buy the cookies as you travel, your smartphone should have you covered with -- you got it -- a Cookie Locator app. It's free. 

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Its making me furious how Pueblo, CO isnt selling these delicious cookies at any of the locations they claim to be. after driving around for 2 day, and finally just calling all the locations. still no girl scouts in sight. I am seriously about to go HAMM.


I didn't realize I could buy Girl Scout cookies on eBay! Woooohooo! The ridiculous claim of the Girl Scout 'authorities' that they don't sell online to protect the girls' safety is hilarious, considering they go door to door! (lol) Much safer for them online, needless to say. Anyway, since (for whatever reason) they refuse to join us in the 21st Century, we must buy them from miscellaneous mothers on eBay. Thank you, mothers of Girl Scouts for this service!! I just bought 8 boxes! yippppeeeeee!!

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