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I'm kind of addicted to jalapeno peppers. And Tabasco. And Sriracha. Okay, I'm into really hot food in general, and there's no point in trying to tell me that too much spice only ruins a meal. That's just a ridiculous thing to say.

Anyway, last night we had a jalapeno emergency. The time came to load up dinner with those delicious little bastards and I realized someone had eaten the last jalapeno peppers and didn't tell me. I panicked at first. It wasn't exactly dignified, but when something is really important, dignity is a matter of perspective.

But then I remembered why I love this time of year. Instead of running out for the store, I went outside, picked a few habanero, mixed some diced habanero with lime and cilantro (also from the yard) and I was good to go.

If you want to be like me and grow your own kitchen garden, you're in luck. The Urban Farmer in Pompano (954.586.6686) holds regular classes on the best ways to grow your own food, including everything from self-watering containers to vertical hydroponics gardens. Check out the January class schedule and learn for yourself:

EarthBox Classes:
The class includes an EarthBox, plus instructions on how to use it to grow pretty much everything.

Saturday, January 8: 10:30 am
Sunday, January 9: 10:30 am
Saturday, January 15: 10:30 am
Sunday, January 16: 10:30 am
Wednesday, January 19: 10:30 am
Saturday, January 22: 10:30 am
Sunday, January 23: 10:30 am
Wednesday, January 26: 10:30 am
Saturday, January 29: 10:30 am
Sunday, January 30: 10:30 am
PRICE: $50

Backyard Farming Classes:
Designed to help you understand the techniques and principles involved in growing food, rather than landscape plants (hint: a lot less pesticides). Learn about crop rotation, pollination, and best growing techniques.

Saturday, January 8: 1:00 pm
Saturday, January 15: 3:00 pm
Wednesday, January 19: 2:00 pm
Saturday, January 22: 3:00 pm
Saturday, January 29: 3:00 pm

PRICE: $49

Vertical Gardening Basics
Learn how to use the Verti-Gro hydroponic vertical growing system and turn your small backyard into a farmer's market. Don't worry: it only sounds complicated.

Saturday, January 8: 10:45 am
Saturday, January 15: 10:45 am
Saturday, January 22: 10:45 am
Saturday, January 29: 10:45 am
PRICE: $29 Follow Clean Plate Charlie on Twitter: @CleanPlateBPB.

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The Urban Farmer

1730 N. Powerline Road, Pompano Beach, FL

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enric selvin
enric selvin

This is something very precious information of backyard farming. These are some class time and schedules are available for backyard farming and interested people should attend these classes.hydroponics

Ethel Gray
Ethel Gray

I really want to go in a garden show, I want to get some quality tips about urban farming, harvesting your own crops just outside your house is really a great thing.


Wow......, this one really unveils the best of thing about backyard framing. And classes are really necessary thing for the urban farmer for the revolution in cultivation. Well, according to me, as you can really use the hydroponics for the same. I am really the great follower of this biological gardening. And my friend the main benefit of this type of gardening are, pesticides free products.

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