Tequila Sunrise in Oakland Park adds Vegan and Vegetarian Options

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Not fancy, but tasty!

Maybe it's the newborn baby-sized deep fried chimichangas.  Or ice creams that aren't quite ready for consumption until they are dipped in batter, coated in Corn Flakes, fried then lathered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream. But restaurant style Tex-Mex cuisine has never really struck me as very "veg friendly."

Which is why Tequila Sunrise's new menu of Veggie Mex is a welcome surprise. It's not totally out of left field - there is a tree growing through one of the dining rooms, after all, and the cozy Fort Lauderdale eatery offers plenty of veg-based, high-fiber, low fat, full flavored options already.

But as of this month, they are offering some vegan and vegetarian dishes alongside their traditional menu. While an entirely separate vegan and vegetarian menu is in the works, the following new options are available now...

1. Black Bean Salad - Fresh spring mix salad tossed with black beans, corn, tomatoes, avocado served with a tasty vegan guacamole dressing

2. Vegan Chilaquiles - A Mexican Lasagna made with layers of corn tortillas, red chili hummus, and sautéed mixed veggies, oven baked with homemade tomato ranchero sauce and topped with Guacamole. Served with white rice and vegetarian refried beans.

3. Guaco Loco - Tequila Sunrise's huge burrito loco, vegetarian style. We overstuff a grande burrito with fresh guacamole, cheese, pico de gallo, lettuce, rice and refried beans and then bake it with creamy poblano sauce. Can be made Vegan upon request.

Stop in for five course lunches starting at $4.95 11:30 til 2:30 Monday though Saturday or log onto www.tequilasunrise.us for web discounts and events.

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Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill

4711 N. Dixie Highway, Oakland Park, FL

Category: Restaurant

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