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Lunch meat sometimes gets a bad rap -- it's often the brunt of jokes, is served in drunk tanks, and is used in food fights.

But lunch meat is so much more -- it can feed hungry families, raise money for people in need, and is just darned tasty.

Boar's Head, the Cadillac of lunch meat, has partnered with
the Florida Association of Food Banks to provide meals to families hit hardest by the devastation from the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Boar's Head has donated $25,000 to the Florida Association of Food Banks and is donating an additional dollar for everyone who "likes" them on Facebook, up to an additional $25,000. That $50,000 can provide 150,000 meals to families in Florida, especially families hit by the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Boar's Head, headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, donated more than 1 million pounds of protein to families in need in 2010. Since you're probably always on Facebook anyway, "like" the Official Boar's Head Facebook Page and do something good for a change -- because it's time to confess to baloney that you've "liked" it since first grade.

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Boar's Head better be bullshitting here.

Are they so self-starved for attention (read: "Likes" on Facebook) that they are unwilling to feed families unless they can boost their Facebook cred in the process?

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