LeBron James Birthday Cake: Awesome or Absurd?

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LeBron Cake (small).jpg
This is only one section of the giant, gem-studded cake.
LeBron James is not a subtle man. Not in the way he plays, not in the way he advertises, not in the way he chooses where to take his talents, and certainly not when it comes to birthday cakes.

Last weekend, South Florida's least inconspicuous professional athlete threw himself quite the 26th birthday extravaganza in Miami. Sponsorship packages were reportedly selling for up to $500,000.

This week, he posted a photo on Twitter of the cake, which is at least seven layers tall and covered in sparkling crystals.

The crown-topped dessert-gasm was baked constructed by Miami custom cake specialists Divine Delicacies, with an estimated cost of about $5,000.

lebron cake.jpg
The LeBron James of birthday cakes.
So, is something this giant and shiny and decadent cake-styled structure simply an awesome display of just how grand King James really is?

Or, is it, like so many of his detractors will surely argue, yet another display of immature ostentation on a spoiled, superstar scale?

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The picture. Looks like it was taken at a crackhead hangout. Looks like spraypainted walls in the backround. Lol. Have fun in miami trick. Fuck off


Wow nice cake lebron. U know cleveland food taste better. Hahaha. Lebron u know that right

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