So You Want to Be a Farmer?

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Photo © The Urban Farmer

Turns out President Obama wants YOU... to be a farmer.

In the past year or two, it seems like small, urban farms and CSAs (like the Urban Farmer in Pompano Beach) are popping up throughout South Florida. And that's a great thing for anybody who values fresh produce that didn't travel 2,000 miles to reach your local Publix.

Now, the Center for Rural Affairs, with support from Washington, D.C., is hoping more people will get in the game. The center just unveiled a help line to answer questions on how to start a farm, arrange financing, and make the most of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) programs. The center can help with issues like obtaining loans, converting to organic certification, and obtaining conservation grants. Ultimately, the goal is to launch 100,000 new farms -- including urban and small-scale farms.

To reach the center, call the Farm Bill Help line at 402-687-2100, or visit them on the internet.

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