Fair Food and More at the South Florida Fair

Laine Doss
Make sure you go on the rides before you start to pig out.
It's that time of the year when the South Florida Fair comes to town, bringing with it Ferris wheels, cows, baking contests, shows, and monster trucks. 

All that entertainment is great, but let's face it -- you don't go to the fair for rodeo shows or to win a giant SpongeBob SquarePants. You don't even go to see the world's smallest woman or the Mongolian death worm on display (yes, there is a Mongolian death worm on display, and no, it's not worth the two bucks to see it). You go for the food! 

The smells of grease and fried... well... everything that mingle with the sugary scents of cotton candy and ice cream.  You go to the fair to taste your old favorites like kettle corn, hot dogs, and funnel cake and to try new oddities like fried buckeyes, donut burgers, and pork parfaits (yes, I said pork parfaits).

We sent the search party ahead of you and scouted out the best and newest fair treats and novelties for your delight. And while these delectable treats come with calories and fat content aplenty -- relax. The fair comes but once a year. So bring your wallet, your appetite, and your elastic-waist stretch pants and have an extra helping of pork parfait! Oink, oink! 

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The Krispy Kreme Donut Burger: a four-ounce all-beef patty with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and raw onion between two grilled, glazed Krispy Kremes.
fairfood cinnamon roll.jpg

The Silver Dollar Bakery bakes fresh cinnamon rolls constantly.

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Four-year-old Abigail Shenkman helps Faith Jenkins serve up a batch of fried Oreos.


Fried green tomatoes, pickles, and green beans at Griff's. Best seller? The fried pickles.

fairfood pork.jpg

​Porkys' pork parfait: a creamy mix of pulled pork, mashed potatoes, and BBQ sauce, layered to resemble a parfait.

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 A perfect funnel cake served at the Candy Bar Tent on the midway.

fairfood meat.jpg
Ribs and turkey legs on the grill at Famous Gabby's Kitchen.

fairfood corn2.jpg
Ray is dipping roasted corn into butter.

fairfood mexican.jpg
Mariachis take a break at the taco stand.

Candy apple stand and zipper ride at sundown.

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anyone know of coupons for fair entrance?


Yes, the fair does draw from the rarer elements of the south Florida breed. Porky's BBQ is some of the best I have had for fair food. A 40 oz. (2.5lb) donut burger? Why not deep fry it as well with a fried egg on top?


I once made the mistake of eating before the rides...wasn't pretty

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