Butlers in the Buff: Rent a Half Naked Male Butler for Bachelorette Party, Cleaning, Bartending, Etc in South Florida

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Here's a new way to put the tail in your cocktail: Have your party guests greeted at the door with drinks by a Butler in the Buff.

This male-maid-for-hire cheekily show up wearing collar, cuffs, an apron and a smile. His bare rear assets are there for all to see and admire - but not to touch.

"We have a strict no-touching policy," says
Alexandra Jones, owner of the Butlers in the Buff franchise for Florida.

The program - a "male order" company that hires out a few form fit guys for parties, weddings and even funerals, has been around since 2001 but just moved onto this coast.

Jones says the program is hugely popular in Great Britain. "Butlers are booked solid for bachelorette parties, birthday parties and receptions. One was recently booked for a funeral. I didn't ask," she said.

"I moved to the U.S. and couldn't find anything like this here." Plenty of party girls were available, but no guys. She was looking for something to do while staying home with two youngsters, and this seemed like a good idea, she said.

The Butlers in the Buff come to the parties wearing the standard outfit, though color coordination of the ties, cuffs and apron is possible, say, if your wedding theme is something other than black. Also, if there's a barbecue grill involved, or cooking of any nature, a long apron is required - for safety's sake. The host can request they wear boxers or briefs, in case of some overly modest guests, but that rarely happens, Jones said.

Most of the guys are between 18 and 35, and they look great from front or back. But they're hired not on looks but on personality. "We don't want someone who admires himself in a mirror. He has to be able to interact and be personable with the guests," Jones said.

They also have limits: They won't shed it all - that's not in any contract. They don't dance or sing, unless joining in with karaoke - they're not performers, Jones said. They're butlers -- really.
They go through a training program to learn to properly pour champagne, shake cocktails, "tidy up the place" -- and bend very carefully.

Butlers are $100 an hour, two-hour minimum, and travel time is extra. There's a charge for overtime work, too.

For more information go to their web site, butlersinthebuff.com/fl/
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Cheeky Butlers London
Cheeky Butlers London

Hiring a naked butler will really gives your party a funny and super enjoying moments. I experienced it before when my friend has a hen party and there's about 3 half naked butlers around serving us.. oh my they were all hunky..

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