Five Foods (Besides Cookies) That Will Keep Santa Fat

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Hey, Santa, we know you want to keep your girlish figure.
​"Santa: I've grown sick of cookies"

We had another chat with Mr. Claus this week (courtesy of and found out that he's tired of eating cookies. Frankly we aren't surprised since he does eat 1,140,000 million cookies in the wee hours of Christmas morning. And that's just in the United States. 

So we wanted to find out what he'd rather have us leave on the mantle. Unfortunately Mrs. Claus has him closed-lipped about what he likes, presumably because she wants him to keep the full figure.

Luckily for her, we've got a list of fast-food options that'll keep him plump and please his belly at the same time. Check after the jump for those options as well as the calories he'd consume with each. 
While reading the gargantuan amount of calories in each, please keep in mind that thanks to our sister paper, OCWeekly, we know that two Chips Ahoy cookies and one eight-ounce glass of 2 percent milk nets 130 calories and 50 grams of fat.

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Just like us, Santa might be fiending for a red Starbucks holiday cup. 

Calories in tall cup with 2% milk and no whipped cream: 270 with 45 calories from fat. 
Calories in 1,140,000 cups: 307,800,000 with 51,300,000 from fat.

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Calories in one serving: 300 with 180 calories from fat. 
Calories in 1,140,000 servings: 342,000,000 with 205,200,000 of those calories from fat.

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3. Wendy's natural cut fries with sea salt
Calories in small fries: 320 with 15 calories from fat. 
Calories in 1,140,000 small fries: 364,800,000 calories with 17,100,000 of those calories from fat.

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Calories in one slice: 360 with 120 calories from fat. 
Calories in 1,140,000 slices: 410,400,000 calories with 136,800 calories from fat. 

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1. McDonald's McCafe Frappe
Calories in one small Caramel Frappe: 450 calories with 180 calories from fat. 
Calories in 1,140,000 small Caramel Frappes: 513,000,000 with 205,200,000 calories from fat.

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