Mega Mouths Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham Spied at Cafe Boulud with Conrad Black and Pepe Fanjul

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Kicking off a rather flabby and blabby column, fashion expert and style columnist Simon Doonan announced in Slate this week that he spied some famous folks enjoying a holiday dinner at Cafe Boulud in Palm Beach. "A shocking and riveting tableau" he called it. 

Riveting, maybe. Shocking, no.

Apparently publisher Conrad Black (he had a role in running the Jerusalem Post, Daily Telegraph, Chicago Sun-Times, and many community papers) -- six months out of the clink where he was held on obstruction of justice and fraud charges -- was dining with his wife, and that attracted Doonan's attention.

Well, that and the fact that the Blacks were seated with
talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham, plus sugar baron Pepe Fanjul. Talk about a right-wing summit. Bet that bill would be something to see.

Is Cafe Boulud some sort of Axis of Evil that attracts these characters?  Nah, it's just that that Zach Bell guy can cook.

Gotta love Doonan -- he admitted that he tried to eavesdrop, but was disappointed that he couldn't catch any snippets of conversation. What could the talk-show hosts, sugar barons, and disgraced media moguls have been talking about? 

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