Three Reasons to go Nuts Buying Kitchen Supplies This Black Friday

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The Pampered Chef
This Black Friday, remember: Spending money on kitchen gadgets should always be guilt-free. Why? Because:

1. New supplies lead to more cooking
And that leads to more entertaining, which ultimately ends with more friends. In short, cutlery increases popularity.

2. Fresh gadgets encourage creativity
Would you even attempt to make a  deep-dish pie without a deep-dish pie plate? I think not.

3. Good Karma 
Right now, stocking up on kitchen supplies will give you good karma and a fabulous sense of satisfaction because the Pampered Chef has teamed up with Until There's a Cure Foundation to donate 10 to 15 percent of sales to help find a cure for HIV/AIDS. The offer is good only before December 5 at

(To ensure your donation is entered, click on "Shop Online." In the first box, type "Until" and search for host. Click on the "Until There's a Cure Foundation" option and start shopping.)

I'm eyeing the bamboo petite snack bowls myself because, if history proves correct, snacks almost always equal friends.

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