Yellow Green Market in Hollywood

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Michele's Produce.JPG
V. Uszerowicz
Michele's Produce -- locally-grown fruits and vegetables, as well as some from small farms in Ohio.
South Florida's relationship with local foods is a conundrum: The soil is rich and the climate is suitable for plenty of organic, local produce to be available year-round, yet accessibility to that would-be cornucopia is limited.

The mission of the Yellow Green Market, which opened in Hollywood this fall, is to solve this dilemma, providing makers and growers of one-off, organic goods and produce with a (very large -- 100,000-square-foot) space in which to sell their wares. There are 300 booths, and the market is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

A few food sources here are local, but a lot of produce is brought in from farms around the country (like Ohio and Louisiana) or the world. (Check out the shot of Peruvian juices and snacks, which aren't "organic" by any particular standards but are still a good means of peeking inside a Peruvian grocery store with a vendor who is eager to share the experience.)
The Yellow Green Market's products are wide-ranging; it's not just about fresh foods. The amount of other products available is a couple of booths short of overwhelming: There's artisan jewelry, plants, toys, snacks to eat on the spot, and shea butter. The tying thread is that they're community-based and hand- and/or homemade or organic. It's a flea-market/green-market hybrid with emphases on easy sampling, easy mingling, and traveling via taste. Scroll through below for some pictures to get a view of the goods. All pictures by V. Uszerowicz.
V. Uszerowicz
These herbs from the Provence region of France are sold raw and with grinders so you can do some of the work yourself.

V. Uszerowicz
Frank Ramlal, who is a something of a holistic adviser, owns Parvati's Oriental Vegetables -- he sells, among other items, karela (bitter melon) and Thai eggplant (a variety of Kermit eggplant).
V. Uszerowicz
Canned and bottled (and delicious) items imported from Peru -- like passionfruit nectar and guanabana juice.
V. Uszerowicz
Cundi Coffee specializes in Colombian coffee. Check out their website:
V. Uszerowicz
The Good Earth sells cheese, churned butter, and cage-free eggs from Ohio's Amish country.
V. Uszerowicz
Nicaraguan grocery products plus fruits and vegetables.

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