Photos: Pumpkin Carving at Poor House in Fort Lauderdale

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Tuesday night, I stopped by the 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving at the Poor House and I was amazed by the awesome turn out. A ton of tricksters came out ready to carve the night away. Walking throughout the bar, I saw Halloween enthusiasts setting up pumpkin carving stations wherever they found space. People were sprawled out onto the sidewalk skillfully carving away amongst friends, good music and drinks.



There were pieces of pumpkin bits, all sorts of carving tools, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin innards smathered all over the Poor House. The carvers playfully shared carving tools and exchanged creative ideas to help with each other's pumpkin creations. Plenty of people were captivated as they hung out and observed the pumpkin carving process in action.


Three years ago, BJ Giacco and Jayce Sissley spawned the idea for the event one day while they were working at a downtown tattoo shop. They thought it would be cool to meet up with friends for a pumpkin carving night at the Poor House. Three years later, Giacco, Sissley and along with Noemi Theresin continue to organize the crafty Halloween fun  through word of mouth.




The creative designs seen amongst the pumpkin patch brillantly glow into the night.



Tommy, horror flick junkie and Poor House resident bartender, gets his zombie freak on. 


And as seen below, pixie sticks are more than a sweet treat; they evidently work as cute cat    whiskers too.



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110 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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