Food-Related Halloween Costumes: The Good, Bad, and Ugly (PHOTOS)

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photo by Stepan Mazurov via flickr
There are two kinds of people in this world: The people who come up with their Halloween costume months in advance and the people who throw together a costume at the last minute. Actually, I guess there's a third group of people -- those who could care less about Halloween.

This post isn't for those people.  

If you're among those people who are still without a costume, rather than going to the usual last minute cliche' costume like throwing on a football jersey and going as a football player or throwing on some fishnets and a short skirt and going as a slutty fill in the blank, perhaps this year you can look to your love of food for inspiration.

After hours of scouring through photos on flickr, I discovered plenty of food-related costumes you can wear this year. Here's a breakdown of the good, the bad and the ugly in food-related Halloween costumes.

The Good:
photo by MR. 119th. STREET via flickr
The Chiquita Banana girl and her head full of fruit makes the list. It's a fairly cheap, effortless costume to pull off. Although we can't see the rest of her costume, the pretty face and the plastic fruit are pretty much all she needed.

photo by Gracie and Viv via flickr
This peapod makes the list eventhough it's a costume you can't pull off, unless, you're a toddler. If you are a toddler, congratulations on being both Internet savvy and literate.

hi-c costume.jpg
photo by merfam via flickr

The Hi-C box may not be sexy or slutty but it is creative and cheap. This makes it onto the good list for it's attention to details. Extra points go this young lady for going with the defunct Ecto Cooler flavor. Minus 300 points, however, for coming to the party with the d-bag spartan kid. 

The Bad:
photo by Ryuugakusei via flickr

Not one, but two scary Ronald McDonald costumes. Prior to this picture, when's the last time you saw Ronald? Has McDonalds even deemed him too horrifying for the public? Even with a set of breasts, I still don't want to look at that creepy clown.

photo by abardwell via flickr

Continuing with the fast food mascot theme, here's a bad Burger King costume. This is really just a king costume with a Burger King sticker thrown on it. If you're going to be "The King," be "The King." For a good fast food costume, check out this guy who's thinking Arby's.
photo by ttrygve via flickr
The avocado actually isn't bad. The salt, however, is bad. When's the last time you saw a salt shaker that just says "Salt" in that shitty plain font? If you're going to go cheap by wearing a cardboard box, at least dress it up a little like the Hi-C box girl. And, oh wait, Is that a bucket on your head? I think it is.

The Ugly:
photo by Jerry7171 via flickr
The cardboard sign says "Reject." Thank you for clarifying. Also, thank you for going with the longer shorts. Who knows how much scarier this might have been had he gone with the industry standard shorts? He made his own shirt. Either they don't sell Hooters tanktops large enough to fit this fellow's melons, which may actually be melons, or he went cheap. I'm going with the latter because I've seen bigger breasts serving wings. Maybe I've been looking at this photo too long, but am I seeing shaved legs on this Hooters reject? And yes, yes that is a thong. Way too much effort for a horrible Halloween costume. 

I apologize for doing that to your eyes. Here's a picture of a Hooters costume done correctly as your reward.

photo by MR. 119th. STREET via flickr

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