Porn Filmed at a Fort Lauderdale Pizzeria (NSFW)

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Photo by Jamie Long
Sex and pizza have joined forces in the form of an adult film created at one of Fort Lauderdale's busiest pizzerias -- Squiggy's. The restaurant, located on SW 2nd Street in the Himmarshee nightlife district, plays a starring role in some porn brought to you by "Pervert Pete" at

Pizza cook Morty confirmed (and you can see for yourself after the jump) that two explicit videos -- shot a few weeks apart -- were created behind the cook line and inside the back pantry room. During filming, Squiggy's was fully operational, serving patrons as usual. "I've never seen so many people in here before, everyone had their camera phones out," says Morty. It is difficult to know if customers were coming for the pizza or the view.

Warning: NSFW photo and video links after the jump.
The first free video clip (you have to pay $1.95 for full access to the site) shows two women engaging in cunnilingus atop white aprons on the pantry floor while another woman records the act. The second is of a man and a woman copulating on the industrial-sized dish sink. A third clip climaxes with the line "There's your calzone, baby!" and a fourth shows the cast enjoying a slice. According to Morty, a pastry bag of cannoli cream was used on one of the stars as a prop to "cork her ass." "There was cannoli cream everywhere!" he says.

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Love is in the air at Squiggy's Pizzeria
It's unclear what restaurant inspectors would have to say about all this, but Squiggy's usually gets high marks from reviewers. Here, a slice of pizza and a beer only costs $6. Some people might think of that as money well spent, considering there is a chance you'll get an eyeful of much more.

If you are a risk taker at work today, you can watch very NSFW clips of the videos here and here.

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