Recipe: Cha-Cha Chow-Chow From Drag Queen Twat LaRouge

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Twat La Rouge
Doesn't she look domestic?!
Yesterday, we shared party-planning tips from the drag queens of Lips; today we share a recipe from one of the ladies.

OK, so it's a variation of chocolate Chex mix... but it's sooo much tastier with the glammed-up name. 

Here ya go -- the recipe for Cha-Cha Chow-Chow from the lovely Twat LaRouge,

Cha-Cha Chow-Chow

½- cup peanut butter
¼-cup butter
1-cup chocolate chips
½-teaspoon vanilla
9-cups Crispix cereal (any flavor)
1-1/2-cups powdered sugar

1. Combine butter, peanut butter, and chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl.
2. Microwave for one minute then stir to blend all ingredients thoroughly. Add ½ tsp. vanilla. Stir well.
3. Place the Crispix in a very large bowl.
4. Pour the peanut butter-chocolate mixture over and toss evenly, making sure all the cereal gets a good covering.
5. Coat with powdered sugar.

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