Shooting Porn in the Pizzeria: Is It Legal?

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Yesterday, Clean Plate Charlie reported that Squiggy's pizzeria (located on SW Second Street in Fort Lauderdale's Himmarshee nightlife district) had two porno flicks filmed inside the restaurant during operating hours. This unusual incident left us wondering what the health department had to say.

An employee of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation was astonished by the details of the lurid acts as she gathered information in order to direct the call. "I'm so flabbergasted; I'm not usually speechless," the employee said. Between gasps of shock, she explained that the atypical report is worthy of a complaint; therefore, the call was forwarded to the Division of Hotels and Restaurants (H&R). A spokesperson for H&R listed potential food service violations that the porno pizzeria likely made.
Five infractions a restaurant is likely to incur for filming a porno on-site are:
  • Unauthorized personnel in the kitchen
  • Cross contamination
  • Risk of food-borne illnesses
  • Proper hygienic practices
  • Food contact surfaces clean and sanitized 

However, Squiggy's may get a pass on this one, as the spokesperson clarified that an inspector must directly observe a health-code violation for a citation to be documented (viewing the Squiggy's porn doesn't count). The spokesperson elaborated that after a complaint is filed, an inspector is appointed for a follow-up that could include an inspection. Concerned diners can discover if a restaurant such as Squiggy's has any citations or is pending investigation at the division's website:

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Squiggy's NY Style Pizza

207 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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