$10 Lunch: JB's Cheesesteaks

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The deal: This mobile food truck serving comforting street food is stationed at the courthouse parking lot on SE First Ave. between 6th and 7th streets in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Check out our complete guide to South Florida Food Trucks, which has JB's listed plus much more.

What you get: A gooey, six-inch cheesesteak from the cart costs just $5, and a full foot-long is $8. You can upgrade to fries and a drink (canned soda or bottled water) for $2 extra.

We tried: The all-beef cheesesteak in foot-long format. We can see why JB's is parked near the Fort Lauderdale courthouse. This sandwich, full of melting white American cheese and roasted red peppers, is as good a cure for the blues as any street food can be. The sandwich is monster, even at half size. The steak is shaved thin and tastes beefy and rich; the cheese is melted all throughout and drips out of the bun the way Cheez Whiz might on an authentic Philly. The peppers stuffed throughout add heaps of flavor, too.

Bonus points: The parking lot JB's hangs out in costs $5 to park, but if you tell the attendant you just want to pull in to grab a sandwich, he'll waive the cost.

JB's Cheesesteaks
SE First Ave and SE 6th St., Fort Lauderdale

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i used to hate going to the court house. Now that that JB's food truck is there i look forward to my visits. A must try!



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