How to Make a Rich, Killer Milk Shake in Pictures

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Happy Labor Day, everyone! While today historically signals the end of summer, the chance of the sun's retreating from its oft-brutal assault on South Florida is nil. So may as well bunker down and prepare with creamy, cold treats -- preferably, this milk shake. Its benefits over an ordinary milk shake are many: It's rich and chocolaty but not overly so. It's silky and smooth but not so thick that it's impossible to drink with a straw. Best of all, it's easy. Just follow the simple pictorial instructions and you'll be well on your way to cooling off over the long, hot... fall.

Start with the following ingredients:

Quality milk, preferably organic.

Choose really good vanilla ice cream. Häagen-Dazs Five or Blue Bell are great choices.
Whip cream, and not just for decorating the top. This will actually go in the milk shake.
The chocolate base: Rich chococlate Ovaltine. Trust us.

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