How to Make Homemade Arepas in Pictures

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Photos by John Linn
Holy arepas, Batman!

The Colombian snack arepas are great street food fare. But they're also easy to make at home. All it takes is a griddle, some masa, and a little love. To prove how simple they are, I made a batch of nontraditional arepas stuffed with mashed black beans and a mixture of cheeses, then sauced the cheesy, gooey discs with fresh homemade salsa. And I took pictures of the process from start to finish. The whole thing took about 25 minutes and was easily as good as a Dolphins Stadium cart arepa (only, you know, at home). Just follow these pictorial instructions to find your way to arepa Friday.

Here's what you'll need:
100 percent pure corn meal, extra fine. Whether you choose yellow or white corn meal is up to you.
Refried beans. I used some mashed-up black beans I had previously made, but any canned refried beans are just as good.
Cheese. I used a mixture of shredded cheddar and Swiss, but really, any mild white or yellow cheese will do.
I made a rustic salsa to go with my arepas. It's easy: Two tomatoes, half a yellow onion, two small serano chilies, and a handful of cilanto. Pulse in a food processor until smooth, then add the juice of half a lime, salt, and pepper. The beer is there for moral support.

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