Street Food Extravaganza at the Fall for the Arts Festival Will Be Beastly

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Beastly, as in the Burger Beast.

That's because Sef Gonzalez, the Burger Beast himself, is behind the gathering of food trucks, carts, and stalls that will accompany the Adrienne Arsht Center's daylong Fall for the Arts Festival. The free event will feature live music, arts and crafts, games, and workshops and seminars for the entire family. In addition, Gonzalez has called up food trucks from all across South Florida (many of which are listed in our comprehensive Food Truck compendium) to serve made-to-order eats for all the hungry arts fans in attendance.

"The festival is completely free, plus there will be a children's area, so anyone can come, not just foodies," says Gonzalez. "I mean, gluttonous freaks can go also, like me. So it'll be a great time for all."

The festival goes down from noon to 6 p.m. September 12 in and around the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. To provide fuel for the fest is an impressive list of mobile eats, including local favs like J.B.'s Cheesesteaks and the Rolling Stove as well as Miami-Dade-based acts like Yellow Submarine, Wing Commander, Michael's Genuine Food and Drink Cart, and Sakaya Kitchen. (Check out the full list here.) There will be hot dogs, tacos, baked goods, Asian food, seafood, cold treats, and even haute cuisine. But with so many good eateries all within a few blocks in Miami, how will you choose just one to eat at?

"The majority of people probably won't drive all over South Florida just to eat at a new food truck," Gonzalez says. So his suggestion: "If you're coming from Broward or Palm Beach, try to eat at the trucks that are from Dade, and vice versa."

Gonzalez says he left each truck's menu and pricing entirely up to the cooks themselves. But he did suggest that some trucks serve sample-sized portions of their food and condensed menus so that festivalgoers can try out more than one vendor. With the food-truck craze sweeping South Florida, that may be a good thing. More and more trucks are opening up every week. This is one event where hungry fans can try a lot of them.

Gonzalez himself is a huge fan of the food-truck movement -- he's been documenting it faithfully on his website, which now lists dozens of trucks. He attributes their success to specialization and a desire for change from customers. "If you go to a restaurant, the menu will probably have 30 to 40 dishes. But how many are really exceptional?" he says. "These trucks have narrowed their focus down to one or just a few dishes, and so what they make tends to be really, really good."

In addition to the food, Fall for the Arts will have plenty going on. Musical acts Jahfe, Rebirth Brass Band, Peru Explosion, Ozomatli, and more will perform across two stages. More than 100 arts organizations and vendors will be on hand, and comers will be able to purchase tickets to Arsht Center performances for the upcoming year at discounted prices. The entire street fest is free too, leaving you with plenty of cash in your wallet to spend on food.

One thing's for sure -- no one will go home hungry. Burger Beast included.

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