Stella Artois Beer-Pouring Championship: Win a Wild-Card Entry

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Did you know that there's an official nine-step "pouring ritual" to get the perfect Stella Artois out of a keg?

Although this news inspires some of us to pop the top on a can of Bud Light (so much simpler!), some of you may rise to the challenge and hope to perfect the technique.

Since 1997, Stella has been holding a "World Draught Master" contest complete with expert judges and funny British spelling. Winners of eight regional beer-pouring contests will compete in Boston on September 17 for the U.S. finals; from there, contestants will head to London for the world championship on October 28. 

Last week, regional contests were held in Tampa and Orlando. If you missed them, you can still win one of the 16 USA slots by playing an online beer-pouring game at and winning the wild card.

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