The Inside Scoop on the Living Room's Buxom Pinup Girls

The bathroom at the Living Room is wallpapered with old pinup magazines.
In my review of the Living Room in Boynton Beach, I talk about how owner Lisa Mercado transformed the restaurant into a highly personal, almost schizophrenic collection of knickknacks and oddities. But one thing I left out was how she inventively altered the men's bathroom.

Get up to go to the commode during a meal at the Living Room and you'll find yourself face to face with hundreds of gorgeous pinup girls. That's because Mercado, a collector of vintage 1930s and '40s pinup magazines, used their covers to wallpaper every inch of the restroom.

In the loo, you'll find mags like Flirt, Whisper, Beauty Parade and Eyeful, each sporting buxom pinup gals posing lustily. The airbrushed models seem to call to you as you conduct your business, and it's impossible not to try to read all the ridiculous headlines. The scene only furthers the theme that you're in some quirky, antique home rather than a restaurant.

Mercado, who did all of the painting and decorating in the restaurant herself, is pretty proud of how the baño came out. "I was in there for hours pasting and laquering," she says. "But I think it looks really cool." 

There are plenty of other surprises around the Living Room I also didn't get to mention in the article. Mercado points to an arrest photo of Frank Sinatra that was gifted to her by a customer. "Most people don't know Sinatra was arrested for seduction," she says. "He actually told a woman he would marry her if she'd have sex with him. Then of course he didn't go through with it, and she pressed charges."

Mercado's other favorite belongings: A hand-crocheted blanket done by one of her customers and a set of copper glasses that you can't actually drink out of.

The surprising finds scattered around the Living Room make a meal in the homey restaurant even more fun. But to be honest, it's that bathroom full of pinup girls that left us with a lasting impression.


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The Living Room

1709 N. Congress Ave., Boynton Beach, FL

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