Dragon Fruit: The Instructions, in Photos

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dragon fruit whole.jpg
Florida-grown dragon fruit are now in season, and if you've seen one in the supermarket recently, you probably wondered what the hell it is. It's football-shaped, bright purple, and has dried-up leaves shooting out like thorns.

Although the dragon fruit looks pretty damned imposing, it's actually easy to prepare. Here's how.

If it's fresh, the dragon fruit will have a little give to the outside skin, and a sharp knife will slide through easily. Cut it lengthwise while avoiding jokes about slaying a dragon.

dragon fruit split.jpg
Photos by Eric Barton

Slide a spoon between the inedible skin and the fruit in the center.

dragon fruit spoon.jpg

Scrape any leftover bits of fruit from the skin and then chop the fruit.

dragon fruit after spooning.jpg

Plate it by returning the chunks to the hollowed-out skin, which makes a fine bowl.

dragon fruit plated.jpg

The fruit has a delicate melon flavor and the texture of watermelon. The seeds are similar to those found in a kiwi. By itself, it's not exactly a flavor or texture you'll want by itself, which may be why there are few recipes out there for them.

The best one, although I haven't tried it, may be this link for a dragon fruit sorbet. It works well in tossed and fruit salads, where, even though you can't taste it much, it sure looks good. A lot better than it did at the beginning.

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