What Warped Tour Rockers Eat

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flickr: Xavi Pedret
Rockers: They're not all fueled by ramen.
We here at Clean Plate Charlie are usually too busy judging the judges on the Food Network, puréeing foie gras for our little baby Emeril, or just generally stuffing our ding-dangled faces to get out to any concerts these days, but we were excited to live vicariously through our sister blog, County Grind, which reported on five favorite foods of some dudes on the Warped Tour.

Which fast-food joints does We the Kings hit up? Where does Breathe Carolina get the tastiest burrito? What does the guitarist from Pennywise love to cook? And who gets ready to rock on a steady diet of Sonny's BBQ and Publix subs?

We guess you'll just have to click to find out, won'tcha?

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