I'm Eating What?! New Pretzel M&Ms

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Photo by Riki Altman
Promise these won't put knots in your tummy.
​They're a little salty, a little sweet, very crunchy, and just the right size. Yep, the new pretzel M&Ms are winners in our book.

Despite the cute illustration of the orange M&M holding an x-ray showing he has a pretzel twist inside, the shape of the core is only a tiny pretzel sphere. A yummy one, at that.

Sure, a pretzel M&M seems like an obvious winner, but sometimes Mars misses the mark with its limited-edition flavors. We're not talking about slight variations, like when it added dark chocolate instead of the traditional milk variety or almonds instead of peanuts, etc. Rather, we're referring to those times Mars just gets the ratios or flavor combinations wrong, wrong, wrong. Did anyone try the
peach and white-chocolate combo offered online in 2006? Gross. And the strawberry/peanut-butter flavors? Couldn't bear to try them. Sometimes they even throw in an unpleasant, unexpected ingredient: What's with the salt overdose in the mint crunch versions, huh? 

Having said all that, we loved the coconut version and the dulce de leche, though the latter packed 36 grams of fat per serving. Yipes. Blessedly the product's site claims it's bringing back the wild cherry version introduced in 2008, along with coconut too. Those are not too fattening. Yay! Maybe cola-flavored emmies would be fun, along with some smoky chipotle, or maybe vanilla or bacon? 

But back to our beloved pretzel version. Are you wondering who should be eating these? One group comes to mind immediately: victims of PMS -- when only something chocolately, sugary, salty, crunchy, preapportioned, and readily available can do the trick.



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