And the Worst Beer in America Is...

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A 40-ounce to freedom is the only chance I have...
Drum roll, please.

Olde English "800" Malt Liquor.

Yep, users at have voted pretty much unanimously, giving the "swilly" malt liquor a dismal 0.97 average out of a possible 5 (the lowest possible is 0.5). Users of the website have ranked it lower than hellaciously bad beers like Natty Ice (1.02), Michelob Ultra (1.06), and Budweiser Chelada (1.08), a brew that mixes lager with clamato and lime juice. Gag me with a wooden spoon.

Some choice comments on Olde English "800" include:

"Avoid it at all costs and if you do buy a beer like this I would say go for a Mickey's instead. Unless of course you want to embrace your inner bum." -CaptainTitus, Pennsylvania

"I only had one experience with this brew... I took one gulp and I immediately had to throw up. Seriously... I never tasted something so disgusting in my life. And trust me, I'm no lightweight either; I just cannot begin to comprehend how people can actually take this stuff down without puking. This stuff needs to be taken to a laboratory to get tested to make sure if it is even safe for human consumption." -CanadaStar, Alberta

"I wish you could rate a beer zero. Or at least a .40! Is this beer? What is this? Awful, awful, awful. Mickey's tastes like caviar compared to OE." -WacoHoover, Garland, TX

"This tastes like the worst beer in the world with a shot of ethilyc alcohol added. Good only for 1. Underage drinking 2. Poor college student drinking 3. Rap artists who take pride in showing how regardless of money, they are still 'Ghetto.'" -Cluny6, Cambridge, UK

"a 40 and a blunt is my stilo! yeah boyeee. this is the olde english style" [Surprisingly, this person still ranked it a 0.5.] -Rcasta, El Salvador

"This stuff will get you smashed beyond belief. A couple of these babies and you're waking up next to a fat girl. Better than any of the light beers on sale." -afraid, USA

And on and on it goes.

Oh, and the top-rated beer on That would be Westvleteren 12. The very rare, aged Belgian brew has an average score of 4.48 with more than 1,700 rankings.

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