National Ice Cream Month: Top 5 Ways to Enjoy The Treat... Without Eating It

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Hello, sweetness.
If there was an official dessert of South Florida, it would be ice cream. Rich or light, thick or creamy, gummy-bear topped or sprinkle-spotted, the cold concoction has seen all of us through some fiercely hot days. In the 1980s, Reagan declared July "National Ice Cream Month." And boy are we ready to celebrate.

In the coming weeks, we'll bring you taste-tests from local legends of the ice cream world, debate the merits of the fast-food variety, and otherwise make you drool all over your keyboard. But with the weather being as craptastic as it has been--ice-cream is just not rain food--we thought we'd take it slow. Whether you're on a diet, lactaids, or curiosity kick, here's our five favorite ways to celebrate ice cream this month, without eating it (but of course, you should probably eat it anyway):
1. Treat your pup. Ritter's Frozen Custard in Margate gives a free dish of vanilla custard and a doggy bone to hungry hounds every Monday night from 7 to 10 p.m. That's with a customer purchase, so bring a friend if you're reallllly not going to eat any. (Come on.)

2. Go to the bathroom. But not just any bathroom, because you know, weird. Sloan's in downtown West Palm has long been an icon for its see-through bathroom door that "fogs up" when you lock it. The fun part: You can still see out. The less-fun part: Sometimes people don't lock the door.

Box it up. For a limited time, Publix ice cream cartons are flaunting a makeover from Hatch Show Print, the designers behind CNN's 2008 election graphic and a whole lot more high-profile prettiness. Check out the packing here; we think it could be reincarnated as a fun little storage box.

4. Spot celebs. Palm Beach's Sprinkles has long been alleged to be a celebrity hotspot. Even if you don't get lucky, People named Sprinkles' ice cream the best in the U.S. in 2003.

5. Gamble (no, really). At Larry's in Coral Springs, customers can spin a wheel of different discounts on their sundae orders. You'll almost always pay less than the advertised price for the home-made heapings of deliciousness, and who doesn't love a good thrill?

Check back next week for more on the glorious stuff itself. Happy Ice Cream Month!

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