Eating Tacos de Trompo at El Agave Azul

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John Linn
Tacos de trompo, five to an order.
What are tacos de trompo? Basically, it's another name for tacos al pastor. The "trompo" refers to a spinning top, which is not unlike the gyro-like spindle al pastor is typically cooked on. The meat is shredded off the spindle and layered into tacos with onions and cilantro. Add a squirt of lime and maybe a splash of salsa or two, and you're off to the races.

The version of tacos de trompo I had at El Agave Azul featured big chunks of ancho-flavored pork piled high into small little corn tortillas. Each taco was no bigger than two or three bites, but they come five to an per order instead of the usual three. That makes an order ($6.49) very sharable for a table of hungry eaters.

I ate my tacos inside El Agave Azul, but the newish spot in west Davie is barely bigger than a shoebox. There's one table wedged inside next to the counter your order at, and two just outside the front door. Most of the space inside is taken up by the open kitchen. You can watch the Mexican tias prepare your food right as you order it. Even though the lack of space makes the spot feel like a dive-y taco stand, everything inside is impeccably clean and the staff is very talkative and friendly.

A sope de chicharron topped with beans, cheese, lettuce, and fried pork.
El Agave Azul has over a dozen other guisados (taco fillings) aside from the trompo, including chicharron (fried pork), fajitas, asado de pollo (chicken with ancho sauce), and nopalitos (cactus paddle). Individual tacos cost around $2, tostadas $3, and burritos $6.50. You can also get sopes, which are sort of like tostadas served on fat, fried corn tortillas, for $2 a pop.

For those out west, El Agave Azul is very inexpensive place to sate your authentic taco fix. We'll have more on it soon.

El Agave Azul
13040 W. State Road 84, Davie 33325
Open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

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El Agave Azul

13040 Route 84, Davie, FL

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I am sorry but I had these tacos and they are definitely not the same. While it is true that they are known as Tacos de Trompo because of the way they are done in the rottiserie. But, what sets them apart is the marinade that is used on the pork meat. Each taqueria has their own closely guarded recipe. They also use an onion and pineapple. The juice of the pineapple on top of the rottiserie helps break down the meat and gives it a twist in the flavor. So whether it is done on the "trompo" or on skillet it is the marinade that makes the difference.

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