Cheap Wine That Doesn't Suck: Santa Julia 2009 Torrontes

santajulia (480x640).jpg
Here's a tip: The next big white wine thing will be. . . Torrontes. 

Oh, probably not. 

But it should be, because the Torrontes grape makes a quite lovely, easy to drink, affordable wine that's particularly suited to the South Florida climate and palate. Think a less complex but still engaging version of Spain's famed Albarino, with beguiling floral, honeysuckle aromas and mouth-filling flavors of peach, honeysuckle and tropical fruit. 

If it's Argentina's Santa Julia 2009 Torrontes, those aromas have a faintly earthy hue and that lush, ripe fruit ends in a crisp, lemon-orange finish. It's organic too, an added bonus for your $8.99. Try it with something as simple as a perfectly roasted chicken or as potent as a fiery Thai green curry.

It may not be the next big white wine thing but it ought to be in your refrigerator.

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