Over the Weekend: Iron Maiden Tour Launch Party at Rock 'N' Roll Ribs

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Christina Mendenhall
This Sunday, Rock 'N' Roll Ribs in Coral Springs turned into a rabid festival ground as it held a Tour Launch Party for Iron Maiden. Drummer for the legendary metal band and co-owner of RNR Ribs, Nicko McBrain was sent off in style. The lot was filled with tents where barbecue was hocked and then quickly devoured, a whole list of bands played including McBrain on drums and co-owner Rick "Moby" Baum on the ax as a cavalcade of classic cars and bikes was displayed on the front lawn. All told, there were hundreds of fans in attendance (of both Maiden and McBrain's backyard-style 'cue).

Take a look at this slideshow wrap-up of the event with some really great photos

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Rock 'N' Roll Ribs

4651 State Road 7, Coral Springs, FL

Category: Restaurant

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