I'm Eating What?! Justin's Natural Honey Peanut Butter Blend

Photos by Eric Barton
It's fair to blame the Tour de France for this. Riders in that race, needing lots of calories as easily as possible, popularized the idea of eating food out of squeeze containers. So now we have snacks like Justin's Natural Honey Peanut Butter Blend, a squeezable container of a peanut product that is somewhat edible.

We bought this tube at Border's, where, we're guessing, they're figuring you might be in a marathon episode of reading free periodicals and need calories quickly. In Justin's case, that's 80 calories of mostly fat -- seven grams in just a half ounce of peanut product.

Peanuts are the main ingredient, at least, followed by organic honey powder, which is made from organic evaporated cane juice and organic honey (in other words, they added sugar to dehydrated honey, for some reason). There's also organic palm fruit oil and sea salt. Justin's package also explains that
it was made by perhaps the most unappetizing food company on the planet: Justin's Nut Butter of Boulder, Colorado. Nice, Justin. Nice.

As the package explained, we clipped the top and kneaded the peanut product from the bottom up. Peanut product then oozed out, directly in your mouth if you're climbing, say, Mont Ventoux.

This is not Jiffy. It isn't smooth or particularly pleasant in its texture. Gritty mostly, and spackle-like in its stickiness. Despite the sweetened honey, it's not particularly sweet either, just mostly peanuty. Which isn't bad. But even Justin would probably see the logic in taking one hand away from the handlebars for a bit and prying open a jar of actual peanut butter.

Who should eat this? Yes, Tour de France riders, but only if they've rememebered to fill an extra water bottle.

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