Georgie's Alibi Beats Big-time Steak Chains to Win Burger Battle

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Photos by Eric Barton
Georgie's burger was simple but included great ingredients like carmelized onions cooked in bacon fat.

Wilton Manors bar and restaurant Georgie's Alibi had a spot on the west side of last night's Riverwalk Trust Burger Battle, and that meant the wind was blowing right towards the grill. All night, the smoke blew straight into the face of Chef Ron Kerr.

"I literally couldn't see," Kerr said today. "You know when you get smoke in your eyes and there's that pain and you don't know whether to close them or open them?"

Cooking nearly blind apparently didn't hurt -- Georgie's Alibi took home first place in the first-ever Burger Battle, beating out big-name chains like Morton's and Capital Grille.

The victory was surprising considering Georgie's back story. The place started as a bar 13 years ago with no food. Seven years ago, they started making French fries and onion
council oak.jpg
The Hard Rock's Council Oak had an excellent burger, but perhaps the myriad of toppings, which included truffled Fries, scared off the judges.
rings in the back office, and slowly it grew into a full-blown restaurant. About two years ago, Georgie's brought Kerr down from Ohio to help with a new menu.

"We are really honored to win the first burger battle, especially being in the company of such wonderful restaurants, some of the best restaurants in all of Fort Lauderdale," said Vincent Frato, the Georgie's Alibi general manager.

The winning burger was added to the menu about a year and a half ago. It's made from ground chuck with a 28 percent fat content, carmelized onions cooked in butter and bacon fat, American cheese, and challah buns brought in from a bakery daily.

It's a simple burger, really, and Kerr thinks that's why it won. "I think everybody was putting too much thought into it. Everyone was trying to do a different blend and add things to it. Ours is simple."

capital grille.jpg
Capital Grille's burger was the crowd's favorite.

Capital Grille also had a fairly simple burger, just lettuce, tomato, American cheese, and pickles. The crowd, which could vote by dropping chips into voting booths, picked Capital Grille as the winner.

Kerr said he's not sure what he'll do with the Burger Battle trophy. Georgie's Alibi has a case full of trophies from softball teams it has sponsored, but last night's trophy may deserve a better spot. Besides, beating the likes of Ilios and Johnny V's is all about the bragging rights anyway.

"We're really beside ourselves," Frato said.

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