New York Strip Steakhouse & Cabaret's Over-the-Top Media Kit

John Linn
I receive a lot of media kits in the mail full of freebies. Most of the time, I end up passing them out around the office or otherwise getting rid of them. But this kit sent to me on Monday from New York Strip Steakhouse & Cabaret, a new (ahem) gentleman's club serving prime steaks set to open in Pompano Beach in April, was just too out of the control not to write about.

The box, plastered with the NY Strip logo, was about two feet long and a foot tall, and heavy as hell. I opened it up and removed the top layer of foam. That's when I found the motherload.

John Linn
What was it that made this particular kit so crazy? Maybe it was the bottle of Vodka with custom LED ticker. Or the gobs of candy and toys thrown in the center. Or the two-inch-thick, dry-aged New York prime strip steak chilling on dry ice. But about the only thing that TransMedia Group (that's the PR firm responsible) could've done to attract more attention is have a stripper waiting inside the box to pop out when you open it.

Everyone around the office oogled a bit over the crazy box. The vodka bottle was a huge hit. No one could quite figure out the Barrel of Monkeys or Slinky in the center. Is this a strip club joke that's going over my head? I figure the candy is there because that's every dancer's stage name.

Besides all that, the kit came with a Prime 500 membership card valued "at $10,000." It includes a dinner for 12, a VIP bottle of premium spirits every week, and free cover for an entire year, among other amenities.

Jesus, these guys want some press.

So you might say, "John, aren't you just caving in and giving them press like a corporate whore?" Well, yes. Yes I am. In fact, the nitty gritty are as follows:

New York Strip & Cabaret is holding its grand opening on April 2 and 3 at 1350 SW Second St. in Pompano Beach. Hours are 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Sunday, with dinners served until 1 a.m. Chef Johnny Rovito, formerly of Capri Ristorante in Chicago, will head up the kitchen. Call 954-545-1313 for more info.

For the record, I don't plan on using the Prime 500 card or the bottle of vodka. But that dry-aged steak? Here's what happened to it last night.

John Linn

John Linn

John Linn

John Linn

John Linn

Being a whore tastes wonderful.

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