From Fire to Ice: Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop Reopens in Palm Beach

Sprinkles Ice Cream shop in Palm Beach has risen from the ashes of its last-summer fire to emerge freshly painted, with new equipment and some quick-service streamlining as well.

Owner Donna Marks made "happy" changes to the décor at the shop that's served politicos, socialites, and their servants for decades on Poinciana Way, aiming this time for a Key West feel, she said. The new Palm Beach green colors show on the comfy outdoor chairs set up on the sidewalk.

Housemade sandwiches and soups are made early in the day and packaged, so customers can just do a quick pickup at lunch instead of standing in line waiting for someone to pontificate over cone or cup. No changes were made to the menu -- and the People-magazine-award-winning triple chocolate chip is still the star.

It's open seven days from 10 a.m. at 279 Poinciana Way -- just over the North bridge.

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