100 Favorite Dishes: Charcuterie Too's Daily Lunch Plates

picadillo 003.jpg
Photo by Eric Barton
On Tuesday: the Cuban picadillo.

As a countdown to the Best Of Broward Palm Beach 2010, coming in May, Clean Plate Charlie is serving up a hundred of our favorite dishes in South Florida. Send your own nominations to John.Linn@BrowardPalmBeach.com.

No. 52: Charcuterie Too's Daily Lunch Plates
Sure, this list is our top 100 dishes, and so these entries generally ought to be one single plate that we can't live without. But here, it's a whole collection of plates, served up every day, cafeteria-style, in the library. Yes, the library. Downtown in Fort Lauderdale. The dishes at the Charcuterie Too change daily, and to get the lineup, diners call in advance. Most of the regulars, however, just stop by, suited up in ties and dresses from downtown businesses, lined up with the masses for hearty plates. Today? Today the lineup included standard fare like lasagna and chicken pasta soup but also the obscure, like chicken paprikash. The picadillo came flavored generously with capers and green olives, with hints of allspice and cinnamon. Sure, it could make a top 100 dish on its own, but then, that would ignore the Charcuterie's other great, daily dishes.

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