Uncle Louie G's Ice Cream Shop Opens on Clematis Street

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This scoop really is a scoop -- Uncle Louie G's is the latest eatery on Clematis Street's new Restaurant Row.

The tiny shop, really little more than several walk-up windows and a handful of outdoor seats, is the first foray into South Florida for the New York-based company. It was founded in 1998 and inspired by a real Uncle Louie G who churned out ice cream and ices in Brooklyn in the 1950s.

This Uncle features 60 flavors, including ice cream varieties like apple pie a la
mode, peanut butter cookie dough, and bada-bing cherry vanilla (Tony Soprano's fave, no doubt). Ices come with the provocative monikers of Lick Me Lemon, Banana Head, and Cantaloupe Balls, doubling your pleasure with a double-entendre. A scoop of ice cream costs $3, or $3.75 for Italian ice.

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