Boeuf Bourguignon and Pinot Noir at Le Patio

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John Linn
A late-afternoon lunch of boeuf bourguignon and a glass of pinot noir was under $20 at Wilton Manor's quaint little boutique eatery Le Patio. I sat outside among mismatched furniture in Le Patio's tiny "backyard" at a table made out of an old New Orleans sewing machine. The beef dish was tender, hearty, and rich, with thick button mushrooms and chunks of carrot and pearl onion. It was also as lovingly nostalgic as all the old beer signs and French memorabilia along the patio's wooden fence.

John Linn
Le Patio is run by Veronique Leroux and Jean Doherty, who formerly ran Sugar 'n' Spice Cafe on Oakland Park Boulevard. As small and cozy as that comfort-food-driven restaurant was, Le Patio is even cozier. It's barely eight feet wide and is essentially a long hallway filled with wine racks, antique tables, and lots of artsy photos of naked people. The interior is cute, but the back patio where I ate, from which the place takes its name, is romantic and gorgeous all at once.

In addition to the boeuf, which came with egg noodles, I tried a roasted goat cheese salad. The goat cheese was coated with herbs de province and baked on top of toast points and sat on top of a mixed-greens salad with blanched green beans, walnuts, peppers, and a very light Champagne vinaigrette. I thought it was a great salad to drink wine with as well, one of Le Patio's other highlights. The wine selection is not large, but an inexpensive glass of pinot along with peasant-style French food and that stellar view goes a long way.

Le Patio
2401 NE 11th Ave., Wilton Manors

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