Order Up: Anthony's Runway 84

The family's all here, now get out!
This week in Dish, a review from New Times editor Eric Barton, who had one crazy-as-hell meal at Fort Lauderdale's longtime Italian-American haven, Anthony's Runway 84. Turns out, the wait staff at the restaurant was in a bit of a hurry to turn Barton's table, an effort that culminated with an odd exchange with an even stranger waiter:
He stood, not at his perch at a nearby table, but almost over my aunt's shoulder, looking out over the restaurant occasionally, and then back to check on the status of our desserts. Finally, I asked him over to see what was up.

"We are very busy tonight," he proffered. I asked if maybe we should eat faster. "Well, we are very busy and people are waiting for this table."

He left, and my wife asked: "Did he just suggest that we eat faster?"

Yes, yes, he did.
A restaurant that rushes its guests out the door would be making a pretty dumb move. Are paying customers really getting the boot at Anthony's? Read the rest of this week's review to find out.

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