What Does Glenn Beck Eat? Nuts.

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Conservatives eat PB&J, pizza, and mac 'n' cheese for lunch. Liberals eat Thai and Indian cuisines. For dinner, conservatives chow down on fried chicken, meat loaf and steak; liberals go for green curries, Ethiopian food, and veggie burgers. 

Conservatives like McDonald's fries. Liberals like frites. Cheese-eating conservatives jones for Velveeta. Liberal cheese mavens gotta have their Brie. Thirty-six percent of conservatives don't drink wine; only 26 percent of liberals abstain. And, yes, when it comes to greens, conservatives prefer iceberg lettuce; liberals opt for arugula. 

Those are some of the results of a recent survey by hunch.com, a website started
by Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake. In general, it confirms all the stereotypes about conservatives versus liberals, at least in regard to food and dining. Conservative tastes are more traditional and blue-collar, tending toward homey dishes, comfort food, meat, and mainstream "ethnic" cuisine like Italian. Liberals are more adventurous eaters, more into Southeast Asian and fusion fare, prefer fruits and veggies to fast food, and buy more "upscale" food products.You can see the whole survey here.  

Now, all this got Charlie thinking. If indeed we are what we vote, what might be the favorite foods of some of our most notable conservatives and liberals. After noodling over a wedge of Brie, arugula salad, and a glass of California Chardonnay, he came up with the following:

Glenn Beck: Nuts

Joe Biden: Foot

Stephen Colbert: Ham on wry

Charlie Crist: Eggs over easy

Lou Dobbs: Hot dog

Timothy Geithner: Ris de veau a la financiere

Rush Limbaugh: Small children

John McCain: Toast

Barack Obama: Cream of wheat

Keith Olbermann: Shark fin soup

Bill O'Reilly: Toad in the hole

Sarah Palin: Mooseburgers

Jon Stewart: Blue cheese

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